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The Intellectual Property Law Section of the Dallas Bar Association offers monthly lunch-time CLE seminars typically on the fourth Friday of each month (excluding November).  The seminars are held at the Belo Mansion of the Dallas Bar Association at 2101 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75201.  We also host CLE breakfast meetings and other events.  Please click on the CLE Calendar link above for more details and access to presentation materials.

Upcoming CLE             


Thursday, December 4 - Annual Meeting


Who is the Inventor, Why it Matters, and What Happens When You Don't Get it Right?

Jason A. Wietjes, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

This presentation will cover inventorship basics, including what inventorship is, how it is determined and joint inventorship, as well as more complex inventorship issues such as the role of inventorship in infringement and invalidity cases and inventorship challenges at the PTO via the AIA derivation provision and in federal district court via 35 U.S.C. 256, including challenge procedures, legal requirements, and strategies.



Notice pursuant to 5.04 of the Bylaws is here by given of the proposed slate of Officers and Council for 2015:


Scott Breedlove, Chair

Philip Davison, Vice Chair

Brad Williams, Secretary

Marc Hubbard, Treasurer

Wei Wei Jeang, Immediate Past Chair

Shannon Bates

Colin Cahoon

David Cho

Heather Foster

Mona Gupta

Kristen Harkins

Scott Hemingway

Dyan House

Robert Johnston

David Taylor


Pursuant to 5.03 of the Bylaws, the proposed slate shall be presented at the annual meeting (Thursday, December 4) for election and approval by the members of the Section.


Pursuant to 5.05 of the Bylaws, an alternative slate of candidates for Officer and Council positions may be proposed for election at the annual meeting by any active member in good standing. The alternative slate of candidates must be submitted in writing signed by at least ten (10) active members in good standing to the Secretary of the Section not less than fifteen (15) calendar days before the annual meeting. Any alternative slate of candidates shall include the current Chair as the Immediate Past Chair and one candidate for each of the other Officer and Council positions. The Secretary shall determine if the alternative slate satisfies the requirements for submission and shall also be presented in competition with the above-proposed slate at the annual meeting for election and approval by the members of the Section.

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